• Digital Reality is a Reality

    Digital reality is not just a new medium, it is a new paradigm. Augmented and Virtual realities are the first major paradigm shift in a long time and its a fundamentally new kind of technology that enables experiences that haven’t before been possible or comparable to anything else we’ve had.


    Ease New Media develops Augmented and Virtual reality applications and solutions for its business customers who want to showcase their products and services, build a new collaboration medium or train various stakeholders using immersive technologies like AR and VR .


    Our development team consists of specialized story tellers, Augmented and Virtual Reality interface designers, developers, film-makers, audio specialists and producers. Working with us will shield you from the technical headaches that come from working with frontier technology. We manage your content so you can focus on your customers.Together, we can create amazing immersive experiences that will delight your customers, inspire your clients and bring new value to your business.


    Ease New Media is a strategic partner of Innoactive - A German based AR and VR technology solutions provider with customers like Media-Saturn, Volks Wagon, Audi and Kawasaki. Innoactive is also the maker of the VR Collaboration platform Innoactive Hub.




  • The Ease Platform

    The Ease platform is an AI based experience engine for digital realities. Using our marker technology, developers of Augmented and Virtual Reality applications can understand user behavior like never before. You can visualize the user journey and the objects being looked at in an external real-time dashboard. Using the Ease platform, you can build metrics to understand and analyze various user actions relevant to your business.


    The platform has four different components which work together to provide an overall solution.

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    Ease Markers

    Data Capture

    EASE Markers are a platform agnostic technology implemented with cross-platform SDKs, enabling object and zone UX engagement tracking and playback for any virtual reality experience over time. Combine with sensor support for location, motion, biometric, stereo depth vision, LiDAR, facial expression detection and natural language processing — the complete user experience is now available at scale. Data is assigned to unique individuals and groups to promote and automate long-term relationships, empathy and event targeting Connectors bridge to your existing CRM.

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    Journey Conductor

    View your data

    Journey Conductor is a real time, modular dashboard that enables core systems performance HUDs, temporal heat-map engagement analysis and on-demand, virtual user support.

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    Engagement Analyzer

    Smart Analysis

    Engagement Analyzer is an aggregate, modular dashboard that reveals insights over time to enable intelligent, data-driven decisions based on hi-res UX. We also feature Amazon Alexa integration for hands-free dashboard control and natural language data query.

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    Virtual assistant

    Machine Learning and reacting

    The virtual assistant is powered by machine learning and AI. Composed of different personas, it is a programmable, on-demand virtual employee services which leads to personalized shopping .

  • Our Methodology

    The EASE methodology represents the experience gained in enabling our enterprise customers to plan, produce, and deliver powerful Virtual Reality applications.

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    Define whats possible

    The goal of the Assess phase is to produce a project requirements and specifications document. This is done through a sequence of workshops and interviews, lead by Ease’s Strategist, with Customer’s Business and IT leadership as participants. Each Ease lead workshop will seek to assess and understand the participant’s current business drivers, goals and challenges. That understanding will be used to coalesce the collected information around Virtual Reality and produce a document that details project specifications.


    Ease will then use the findings and additional considerations from the Customer to develop the project strategy. This document will contain a high level set of principles for the Customer to consider as crucial integration points for virtual reality into their various lines of business.

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    Define boundaries

    The goal of this phase is to develop a process for the technical boundaries and priority listing of VR apps across the enterprise. Leveraging the information and insights gained in the Assess phase the Ease team will conduct a series of workshops lead by the Strategist and a Business Analyst. The Enterprise Success Manager will also support the workshops.


    The Ease team will hold a series of prioritization workshops with the Customer’s leadership. During these workshops the Ease team will guide the customer towards a process for evaluating various needs of the business and prioritizing and governing those requests via a VR solution framework, which the customer may choose to establish. The resulting scorecard will be used to evaluate incoming VR app requests and assign each request priority ranking based upon business impact and technical requirements.

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    Get it done

    The goal of the build phase is for the Ease team to build the application based on the specifications defined. The Ease team will also create the technical architecture guidance and design guidance for the Customer’s first VR deployment.

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    Make our customers successful

    In the Enable phase, the Ease team will work with the customer to transfer training and knowledge on the Ease solutions so that the customer can have internal resources that are capable of building out additional mobile apps on top of the Ease solution. This can also be established using a co-development model where the customer’s developer(s) are part of the project delivery team. The actual deployment will be determined at the beginning of the project.

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    Project Steps

    Iterative deliveries

    1. Project Initiation - Team alignment on scope, schedule, goals, and success criteria
    2. Visual mockups - High Fidelity views of the VR solution
    3. Technical Architecture  - On-device services, Backend services and Ease Integration
    4. Agile Process - Rapid development cycles that allow business stakeholders to make small corrections 

      when necessary

    5. Continuous Testing - On device testing during development to ensure

      functional completeness and quality

  • Our Services

    Experience the difference of our knowledge and care.


    Real world locations or virtual 3D worlds - We work with you to capture or create them for AR or VR.We script, storyboard and shoot live action or CGI animation in monoscopic or stereoscopic 360 panoramic video.


    We create high-performance, multi-platform AR or VR apps that are analytics-enabled. Video sources are stitched, graded have 3D and 2D visual effects added. Content is compressed for optimal delivery.

    Software Development

    Content is developed, optimized and packaged for delivery across mobile and desktop virtual reality platforms. We have capabilities in Unity, Unreal & Web to build the necessary experience.

    Publish and Distribute

    Final experiences are packaged, marketed and distributed for optimal engagement across AR and VR and mobile marketplaces.

  • Case Studies

    Imagine whats possible!

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    Real Estate VR

    VR is taking the real estate Industry by storm. The example shows a deployment of the Ease platform dashboard in a real estate scenario.


    The experience map indicates where the audience is looking and we can gather intelligent data on user behavior.

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    Product Showcasing

    VR is great for product showcasing. The more complex your product is, the better you can showcase it in VR. Industrial products, consumer machinery can all be showcased in an immersive manner.


    The example shows the deployment of the Ease platform dashboard in an automobile showcase.


    The experience map indicates where the audience is looking and we can gather intelligent data on user behavior.

    Retail VR

    VR is transforming retail. Customers are able to interact with the space and products in an immersive manner and marketeers have never seen an engagement like this.


    The example shows the deployment of the Ease platform in a retail showcase.


    The experience map indicates where the user is looking in real time and we can gather intelligent data on user behavior.

    Retail ARKit Application

    Sell more with your own Augmented Reality Sales app.


    Let your customers visualize your products anywhere and connect with them in real time when they want to make a buying decision.

    Enterprise VR Collaboration

    Increase team productivity with VR collaboration.


    Empower your teams to do their extensive planning and simulation tasks together in VR. Context is relevant, so give it to them no matter where they are.


    Prepare your team faster on their tasks. Create collaborative VR training spaces “collaboratively” in VR – this saves cost for content creation and much more.

  • Team

    "The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." --Phil Jackson

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    Prithvi Kandanda

    Business. Solutions. Consulting.

    Prithvi is a proven Business Development leader and client partner across startups and established software businesses supported by excellent technical & operational experience. Experience spans business strategy, customer development, business development, Immersive product and solutions development,delivery and program management.

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    Michael Geary


    Michael is a VR Systems Hacker. He builds software that people can use without headache. He uses high level languages, low level languages, or whatever it takes. His goal is to build things that people enjoy and find value using.

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    Gamiel Gran

    Investor and Strategic Advisor

    Start-ups to excellence, from early stage to global traction. Sales, Marketing, Products, Alliances, Corporate Development and Investments. Gamiel is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at SOASTA and has worked in companies such as Oracle and IBM.

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    Professor Jeremy Bailenson

    Strategic Advisor

    Professor at Stanford University, head of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, and VR expert.Bailenson is founding director of Stanford University’s world-renowned Virtual Human Interaction Lab and a Professor in the department of Communication at Stanford. He is one of the world’s leading experts in virtual reality.

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    Shiraz Akmal

    Strategic Advisor

    Shiraz is the CEO & Co-founder of SPACES. Shiraz spends his time exploring, building and living at the intersection of technology and creativity focusing on virtual reality and mixed reality.

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    Karl Krantz

    Strategic Advisor

    Karl is the Founder of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR). Originally started as a meetup, the annual SVVR Conference & Expo (now in it's 3rd year) has grown into the world's largest professional conference for the Virtual Reality industry. SVVR continues to host monthly meetup's in Silicon Valley, and is still the world's largest and longest-running VR Meetup group

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    Marta Bulaich

    Strategic Advisor

    Marta is a Marketing Guru. Marta Bulaich has focused on marketing initiatives for Canaan and its portfolio companies. Before joining Canaan, Marta was a Network Associate at Draper Fisher Jurvetson where she managed marketing and collaborated on business development initiatives with the DFJ Global Network of 16 funds and their 400 portfolio companies.

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    Heather Rafter

    Strategic Advisor

    Heather has represented a variety of technology companies, including the top digital media and audio companies. As a legal counsel, Heather's clients (past and present) include: Digidesign, M-Audio, Sixense, Sibelius, Universal Audio, Euphonix, the Slate Companies, Brainwork, PreSonus, Plugin Alliance, Gobbler and Spin Media.

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    Marshall Culpepper

    Strategic Advisor

    Marshall is an Entrepreneur & Software Engineer. Currently the co-Founder and CEO of Kubos corporation. Kubos is making space accessible to developers with an open source platform, and to non-aerospace companies with mission design services.

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    Erica Warp

    Strategic Advisor

    Currently a VP of product at Emotiv, Erica is a Neuroscientist applying her knowledge of the brain to various fields including virtual reality, education, business, and art. She is a creative thinker inspired by high impact projects and collaboration.

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